Why should I Join???


I have already missed the once-in-a-lifetime BHS 40th Year Reunion in November. Why should I sign up on the "Bethpage Class Of 1971" website?
Because it helps us keep you informed, it makes it easy for you decide to go to future Get-Togethers or Reunions, it's a central place to keep track of all the news about our class, it's a place to contact old friends, it's a way old friends can find you, it's a place to look at all the pictures from the reunion so you can see what you missed, it lets us easily keep track of who we have found and who is still missing, it's completely free and gives you no obligation at all to do anything, and because it's fun to see what some of your classmates have been doing in the last 40 years! Other than that, I guess there is no good reason.